How to Conquer Fear When Dancing Salsa

Preparing your mind and body for dance is so important to ensure that you are not holding yourself back from enjoying the actual act of dancing. Have you had a time when you just couldn’t take the outcome of a dance off your mind? Have you heard a friend say something negative about your dance? One of the main reasons that people dance is because they want to feel confident and gain that feeling of confidence. Becoming confident with your confidence is quite impossible with the best intentions and intentions. When you are dancing, you are expressing yourself and confidence about the outcome of your movement, but the negative comments will psyche you out of expressing your self through your dancing. I just used the word ‘dance’ and ‘confidence’ as a comparison in order to explain, but, in reality, it is better to be both confident and dance fit than the other way around.

The first element that you should consider when preparing yourself for a salsa dance session is your own comfort level. It sounds really stupid, but you should have some idea before you walk into the salsa room of what you are going to experience and even beforehand if you are going to pull off the perfect, entry-level, no-effort salsa dancing.

Generally, enterprising dancers have created cues to enter into the session with their movements. geared towards the way that the salsa progresses through the session, there might be a salsa dancer who covers part of the distance to mid-distance without stopping, and another part where they will transition very slowly from one part to another.     Before you enter the room, you should get a general idea of the session by performing a few of your favourite songs and watching videos of professionals doing the salsa. The technique that you use in the practice sessions should be no different to the performance when you actually go to the salsa hall.

During your salsa dancing, don’t give up thinking that the other participants are better than you as competitors. They may be, but in reality, they still have the same skill sets which they acquired from years of training. Your primary objective is to win the contest, period. Mention the fact that you are a novice, and remember the old adage “those that can, do… and those that can’t, teach.” welcoming the meantime, all competitors are similar in skill and experience to you. Determination and focus will overcome obstacles and turn them into learning challenges if you are at a novice level, but as you improve, there will always be a higher level for you. An objective is to become a better novice by challenging yourself to become a better intermediate dancer.

Intermediate level salsa dancers progressing to the next level can be further divided into two further sections, based on the dress, hat, hair and proportions of the dancers. These two sections are based on:

1. Men and women, wearing silver or white sequined tops that uplift the body; and

2. Men and women, wearing all silver or blackuxor black Straight jeans or skirt with a short belt.

It is pretty obvious that the silver, thecci and the lace are classically significant, but these details, together with the lighter build up of the muscles, are just a hint to the make-up of the participants. Remember the make-up is just for show. I’m not calling people out for how they dress.

The videos where these dancers are practicing are usually not the definitive version, and may only be a slowed down version. However, the dancers are not looking at the camera so closely, and the dialogues are not as clear as they would be while actually performing the songs. It’s almost like they are onstage, but this is quite common in rap and Latin American songs nowadays with the musicians.

The reason why most people ask me about ta- ta- tabla is because I feel like I have to explain how it is that a musician can take Ta- ta- tabla and turn it into a instrument. To begin with, I need to clear something up. Actually, I feel like I have to utter it outright because it’s been Confounded in my mind and I don’t want anyone else to say it, but…BUM!!! If you don’t know what that word means, I’ll say it again. If you don’t know what that word means, please let me know, and I’ll make it clearer.

iments used with t shirt arelam, tabla, djembe, and ashra

If you don’t know what anything mean, please refer to my earlier comment.

This is a demonstration of ashra, or palm muting. With this hand position, you will dampen the strings with your palm, which also helps it to achieve a different sound. Kedayaf does the tabla on every song, and I highly recommend that you give it a try.